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PART: II HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEING'S 'Great Challenge' in the Now that must be overcome!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

These times of the "End of KalYug" are particularly difficult for Light Beings on earth. Yes, difficult is the appropriate term! You have "Awakened" by investing time-energy in Self. By going Within. That's when you became a HIGH VIBRATIONAL LIGHT BEING on earth. You have lived several lifetimes here and learned with hard brick-bashing experiences that ego is but an illusion to be risen above. Yes, it has taken long to Trust your Inner Guidance System, and you may find yourself faltering a bit still but, you can now see your hesitation as well as you can see Trust. This is a galloping step up the ladder of Ascension. In Part 1 you understood the concept of Trust.

So where does the present-day challenge lie for High Vibrational Beings? As you move into higher and higher frequencies of Purity and Trust, Love and Faith, the world around you is not in step with your growth. In fact, the world is falling apart and rapidly lowering its frequencies. And the gap between you and the rest of the world is growing larger....herein lies the challenge! You already knew you were a Mis-Fit in this world but now, the split in progression is causing greater "isolation, loneliness and depression". It's now more than feeling different; the 'non-resonance with your Soul' is causing pangs of anxiety...maybe even harboring on desperation. This widening and deepening gorge of darkness around should never, and we repeat: Never, make you feel the urge to 'fit in'. Do you think if you did 'fit in' you could "Hold the Light of God" as you are doing right now and, fulfill your "Soul's Promise" to the Lord of Karmas (before you descended this time and because of which you were given the Seat to be on earth) and, be worthy of the Gift to actively participate in the Divine Shift and the Divine Plan in this particular and exclusive lifetime? No, of course not! So don't make that mistake of reversing what you have Gained by now.

Have FAITH - a quality of the Blue Ray 1 of God's Will and Power. Know from that Within Space you have so beautifully reached and mastered that you are in the Right Place. You are DIFFERENT. And you have moved beyond the Drama of the 3D world. A Drama that is increasingly becoming darker on earth as the Great Shift toward the "End of KalYug" moves faster through it. The Grand Purge is on and You are "Holding the Light" for it to happen. Hold that Light! Don't drop the baton. Run the marathon now free of all stones and rocks that others are holding in their bodies! You are Free!

You are all on "The LAST MILE WALK ALONE". This is the next Tablet being Scribed by Lord Jesus and shall be released soon (a sequence to "Your Final Appointment with Destiny" - make sure you have read that before this is released). And this LAST MILE is your journey of the "Soul's Promise". Why is it, that even upon reaching this LAST MILE, most fall out of the path? This is the most "difficult" narrow, one-way, slippery Road to Home. You need absolute God Consciousness within embodiment, well-integrated and illumined (THE AMETHYST TABLET), in perfect Sync with the Soul, to victoriously walk it. This calls upon Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Faith, full Mastery of all the 6 Rays you descended with, in this lifetime. Pull up these achievements and Torch the Path! These qualities are the Monadic Triple Rays of God and therefore become the Consciousness of God with which you Walk.

On this Singular Mile Home to God, your Path is narrow and both sides are burning with the darkness of the gorge. Those energies will and are trying to pull you down. How do you feel this pull? You feel a deep rejection from society and loved ones. You feel you are alone. Could it be you are imagining the whole scenario of the Great Shift and your role in it? Could it be your lower self making you feel you are One with God when there is no God and you are simply imagining the illusion? This confusion within your over-active 3D mind is what is causing the Difficulty at present times! You miss not being a part of the family and friends, who you perceive are having fun and partying. You miss "recognition from them".

Lord Jesus Christ says : "Don't look down, nor sideways. Walk with Faith and Knowing. You are the Light! Hold that Light strong! You and your body are the Holders of God's Light! You are beyond desiring recognition from outside and others. You are beyond feeling rejection. You are Not in duality at all! You are CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS holding GOD CONSCIOUSNESS Within powerfully and wholly. You are therefore Different! Be different with full confidence. You have attained what the Darkness strongly wants but can't get - the LIGHT! You are Walking the Last Mile to total Victory and irreversible Freedom. FAITH and SELF-LOVE and SELF-ESTEEM are your tools. You are the TRISHUL of God (THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET). You are the Trimurthi of the 3 Monad Rays of God unified! You are now not just returning to the StarSeed you originally entered as but, as a MASTER PERFECTED. I AM with You. Call on Me and Feel Me walk with you....more in My Tablet coming soon!"

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  1. Marcia Mariscal: (email)Wow dear Sangeeta, what a Superb Message! Majestic! Thanks so much. Your words are like a restoring River of Light. Just what we needed. The Perfect Motivation. When I was reading it I could feel hear You speaking it. Thanks for sharing All You Are to keep us in track. And always in such an elegant manner (the Light words, the colors, the images). Can’t wait to read Your Final Appointment With Destiny and then The Last Mile Home... your New Jewel. Congratulations! Thanks for all you do. I bow gratefully hands in my heart. Much Love, Light, and Life Blessings.

  2. Nicole Banks: (FB) Wanted to share how timely this article is. Talk about Divine Timing. This article is a confirmation for the higher guidance that I have been receiving about this being the last mile to walk, AND walking it alone. I've been shown visions and dreams about how this last mile is the toughest. I have even been experiencing a lot of sadness whenever I look at all those I know who I use to be close to, seemingly 'enjoying life' and rejecting me, just because I have chosen to completely surrender to this path, all I am, to walk it alone - this last mile makes one feel so alone. And yes, that doubt began creeping in wondering if I am just making life too hard for myself. And just as my higher guidance was trying to encourage me, your article drops in my inbox to reinforce and reiterate this point. How timely. You're doing such great work for us. Thank U!!!

  3. Sameeta Nanjiani: (FB) Thank u dear for sharing. It's just so true and deep understanding. Gratitude.

  4. Ron Christie: (FB)

5. Harnit Bakshi: (LinkedIn) Hi Sangeeta saw your blog and posts, was quite fascinated. Do you do online booking sessions? Do you offer Astrological predictions or other services too Thanks, Harnit

6. Niraj Bagade: (LinkedIn) Hi Sangeeta, your articles are just amazing! I'm hoping we could discuss more on such topics often.

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