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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Coronavirus has emerged from China but, it’s not the Chinese people at fault!

Please only follow your gut feeling, coz it’s thru the Hara Chakra that the ‘3D design of Form’ receives and gives energy. That is from where most humans hear their gut. And so, the Inner Guidance System too speaks to 3D people from the Gut.

Having said that, lets segue! China is an ancient beautiful high spiritual culture like India. These two Empires on earth have the energy of the Blue Ray 1 of God’s Will/Power as its Soul Ray. This is not a simple truth! It’s a very high Science. As most of you, who have been with me for years on FB, know by now the rarity of this Formidable Ray. Many articles I have subscribed on this, as my Path is the Ray Path to Ascension. When you reach a point in evolution, you must choose your Path to Ascension. I chose the Ray Path as that’s my lineage, my bloodline, my Monad Family energetic signature.

Now, just like in India, China’s spiritual footprint is very vibrant, very powerful, and rooted in Occult Mysticism. Their ancient scriptures reveal a lot of the Truth that the masses don’t have access to. Their religious imprints are yet existent, but now covert. These people are extremely vulnerable, just like India, to galactic attacks. The Dark Lodge in the Galaxy knows where the Real Power-Spots on earth are (India and China) and will only choose those nations to make entry into earth.

India is not quite as vulnerable as China. India has been the birthplace of many an Ascended Master, and … many Masters perfected their Ascension thru India. Herein, the Protection of the Blue Ray 1 is visible – visible to the Dark Lodge of the MilkyWay. They cannot enter thru India. The Indian Himalayas is a daunting, intimidating, challenge for the Dark to penetrate. The Himalayas is a Physical Abode for the Light. Its Protection is non-dual. It’s a physical Lakshman Rekha, लक्ष्मण रेखा, (in Sanskrit it means a ‘Line drawn in Protection’ that must never be crossed) drawn at the border of India in the north as a reminder to invaders to Stay-Off. Himalayas is the Abode of God Shiva as ‘LORD Indra’ (the Source of all that is – the God of all god’s, as explained in my article on the 4444 Portal, just transpired) and to the east/west/south of India is the ocean (guarded by a Form of Shiva – ‘LORD Rudra’ (God of the seas, waters, thunder & lightning).

Where do you find such Protection anywhere on this planet? Why is India so protected? Why not the other Blue Ray 1 nation?

Because China chose a system of existence that is not in alignment with the Light. China fell to its vulnerabilities and became an easy beacon for the Dark. India fought back every attack with greater and greater power. Nations too have Karma. Its called geographical karma. Those who fought ferociously in India ascended and became Ascended Masters…the spirit quotient rose in India…China, on the other hand, became progressively subjugated, and the sovereign rule of dictatorship from kings monarchs ran into Premiership and political party. People became slaves to the kings, rulers, and slowly devolved into communism where one man and his party ruled the nation with an iron fist of dread, punishment, and death. People at first didn’t revolt and then couldn’t revolt! China’s Blue Ray 1 became contaminated and fell to the negative periphery. Its Protection was removed!

It can never be taken for granted that Protection is for free! Even for light beings on earth! There are many souls, playing highly important roles, on earth but they too must physically inlay the protection for themselves and their life. If one proves to be unfulfilling of their mission, if they are thwarting the purpose of descent at this time, then Protection is removed by the Light! It is said that even the Goddess of Light (consort of Lord El Morya, Chohan of Ray1) when at a mission in Southern America (to remove evil entities discarnate) forgot to take Her Protection, she was so ferociously attacked by the Dark that for 350 earth years she remained stuck behind a desk highly impaired waist-down until an Ascended Master rescued her eventually.

India, on the other hand, acquired the Powers and Protection of the Blue Ray 1 thru diligent ‘staying-on-path’. It flourished and blossomed with Spirit Wisdom and Spirit Technology. It was so advanced that the people of India lived like Galactic Beings, travelling in creations such as the Spacecrafts (udhan Khatolas) and evolving in Spirit Power (engaging powers of teleportation, maha tantra, mental concentration, singular-eye laser beam ejections, precipitation of Light creations into form, magik thru Divinity, etc). Much of this is elaborated in “The Voice of Silence”. Link provided below.

The despots of China, on the other hand, spent energy and labour in finding and refining methods of powers thru dark means. Their science and spirit(d)uality was honed thru shadow methods. And till today, it bears the energy of the Dark and not the Light. Their tantra is very different from Indian Tantra. The dark and the light, both, have a Yantra-Mantra-Tantra science. That which the common two eyes cannot perceive. Not even through conspiracy theories.

But. Are the people of China to blame? When even today; especially today; when the Lord of Darkness has descended, thru the last opportunity portal..legalized by the Light; into China and from China to take control and charge of the losing battle with the Light Lodge! The foundation, yes, was laid millenniums and aeons ago. The Portal of Darkness was stone-laid in China, thru ancient times. China is all about its Ruler and his warriors, never about its people! You must know that! But. Consider this now –

Souls have the freedom to choose their nation of descent, just as they have the right to choose their mother! The souls select the Mother from whom they shall rebirth!

Maximum souls have, since time immemorial, chosen India and China as their nation of birth. This is why the maximum allocation of the population can be seen dispersed within these two countries. Why?

Life on a Soul Blue Ray 1 nation is most challenging, just as the Blue Ray 1 by itself is! Read about this in 'The Amethyst Tablet"', link provided below. Most souls choose nations that are easy on their bodies and comfortable in physical aspects to achieve the completion of the Contracted Plan. But. The souls know: if they are on the Ascension TimelIne and wish to attain their Freedom from Reincarnations in the Star Program of this challenging lethal planet then, these are the 2 countries that are providing the medium for quick and assured liberation. The two nations are however ridden with potholes, spikes, tyre busters, sinking holes and, quicksands that can be overridden successfully to attain Moksh or can prove, at the same time, to be a deathwish! This by itself scares away most souls! Yet, after taking birth in easier nations, they still seek India (esp) for enlightenment. They travel to India to learn from masters the spirit wisdom and technology for Freedom. Their Souls know where the treasure lies! This is easier a path for most souls, to rebirth in advanced countries and then travel to the Blue Ray 1 nation to attain the benefits without having to live the dread-ridden day-to-day challenge. And can they achieve Moksh this way? Perhaps! As there is much hidden in the Pathway to Ascension that only living it can unravel the grain.

But, and so, this time over too, so many souls selected China as their country to learn lessons from and, hopefully attain Moksh. Maybe, and I stress again Maybe, this time they chose China with a high mission to liberate the imprisoned country from its erroneous path.

Indeed, That is a huge mission!

From the innumerous souls, a few have risen and are taking huge risks to disclose the Truth behind the evil regime. They are sacrificing their lives…many have been put to death already. Their sacrifice shall clean their karmic slates, as it’s the biggest and highest achievement today to accomplish such a target in the Contract Plan! China is a Red Flag on earth. I don’t want to elaborate on this anymore – my previous articles have already enlisted the priority of this hour of the Great Shift. So, please do not shun or ostracize the Chinese people…in fact, applaud every soul in China who is achieving the most difficult task of exposing the truth. These Whistleblowers, as earthlings have named them, are Perfected Masters by now! You cannot even think of achieving such a task, living comfortable lives in democracies with freedom! In this aspect, China surpasses even India in the challenge for the soul at this time of the Great Shift!

The Great Shift needs shifting of archaic timelines of the 3D construct. Much needs to be dismantled and then obliterated...not even transformed. This is why the Meditation of the 5th of April asked you to revert the direction of the Arrow back to its source. The reversal of the Arrow and not the destruction of the Arrow! The Arrow must return to the soul and its party to lift them out of the planet into "The Compound of Light". Some humans didn't comprehend why should the Arrow be sent back to hurt anyone, however bad! They questioned this premise with logic and spiritual myths that you must be loving at all times irrespective...send love to all as a general rule. It is not yet time for them to know the different rung, a higher rung of the Truth. Truth has many rungs...your evolution determines which rung you are on! Spirit(D)uality on earth is covered and layered by myths. Just as the term 'Spirit(D)uality reveals! Its spirit yet in duality! And, moreover, most souls are on Rays not as harsh cutting direct and formidable as the Blue Ray 1. This is why very very few Souls have the Blue Ray in their Ray Chart. So, its understandable from a higher realm when the masses don't get it. But it can surely 'delay' the Great Shit!

You may not be a part of this big movement physically but, you can hold the Light for the "WhistleBlowers of China" in your Prayers! These are very very Brave Masters affecting a massive humungous Change in the rung of the Great Shift!

There are two “Soul” Blue Ray 1 countries on earth (China & India) and two “Personality” Blue Ray 1 nations (Uk and Germany). No more countries have the Blue Ray in their Ray-Equipment Chart! This is information 'not' easily accessible nor for the general masses. Its not resting upon anyone’s Gut feeling either. Its an Occult Body of Higher Spirit Knowledge riding the Emerald-Green Ray 5 of Lord Shiva's Third Eye!


Great is their Contribution to the Great Shift of earth and humanity!

1) Link for "THE VOICE OF SILENCE" :




Sangeeta Handa

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