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How to make my BOOK OF LIFE a worthy presentation to God!

You make your BOOK of LIFE here, whilst alive on earth! Remember this!

When you pass over...a lot happens, which I won't be enlisting here as its scribed in my latest eBook - THE AMETHYST will view your entire life like a movie on a screen....but eventually, you will have to present to the Karmic Board of Ascended Masters your BOOK OF LIFE! It is reviewed in detail. What did you do on earth? How much of your Karma was purified back into the light? Did you finish your Contract Plan? Were you worthy of being sent back to earth, at this time esp of the Great Shift? Did you achieve your spiritual goals? Did you help others in distress? Were you the Light House on earth?

No, what job you did as a vocation is not written! No, how wealthy you became is also not written! How you filled your passport with travel visas is not considered! How powerful you became in your role as..., doesn't matter! You worked so hard all day to earn money for your family...really? Do you think all this really matters in the Spirit World? The decision to give you the seat at this point of great change was not based upon what job you shall excel in on earth, how popular you would become as a celebrity, how much money and luxury you would amass! Nope. Sorry. Nor based upon satiating your other carnal physical desires that become so pronounced in importance once in body!

This is not your 'Book of Life'! It is your Menu Card. You worked all day, you gymed to keep the dust (body that eventually is reduced to ashes) healthy and fit, you came home tired, dead beat, you however forced your spouse to release your stress...etc etc. Really? This all requires not even 4 lines. This is not Life...this is not Living!

Herein the "VIOLET FIRE" enters to make your life worthy of a BOOK OF LIFE! When you recite: "I AM THE VIOLET FIRE! I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES!" What do you think happens? You become the "VIOLET FIRE" truly, and now I shall explain what transpires thereafter...

You are now the sponge that absorbs all negativity, wherever you go. First step. And you're already done!

Next. You step out into the world...the VIOLET FIRE attracts to you all the negativity from the people and environment surrounding you. And the Alchemical Sponge gets to work immediately! The 3-Step process kicks in. Annihilation, Transmogrification, Purification. You move around, go to places, meet people and your body (the Violet Fire) is constantly at work. You are in SERVICE of the highest order! You have removed negativity and replaced it with Positivity, everywhere!

Somebody was depressed, who you passed by, and all of sudden he begins to smile as he doesn't know how or why but he has been released of the depression and in its place, he has started feeling hope! He is feeling suddenly elated and happy. He walks off to re-start his life with new Hope in his heart, right and there!

There was a boy standing on the bridge, as your drove past, contemplating suicide. Nothing in his life was successful, he was a failure and a burden to others. He was looking down at the river...fearful of water yet had the doomed courage to jump and end all. You drove past. Your VIOLET FIRE leaped out to reach him. Engulfed him tightly. And pulled-out furiously his desire of suicide. A major surgery of Trans-Mutation was alchemically performed in his cellular body. Because the VIOLET FIRE removes all imbalances from the root, core, cause, effect, record, and memory. It's not a superfluous annihilation and transformation! But its so fast that it occurs between two breaths. Yes, that fast and furious! The boy's vibration shifted to a frequency of Love and Light. It's like God came and lifted him in His Arms and filled him with such Love that he could never go back into what was prior...! You just saved another's life! And you didn't even know it!

You went to a shop to buy groceries. Crowded with buyers. Such a huge influx of energies. Different variety of vibrations. Some negative, some with an evil intent, some idle, some lost, some without passion, some loaded with hope, some positive and some negative. Now watch what happens! You are a VIOLET FIRE Magnet that attracts to your energy all that is not of the light. So, suddenly loads of ionised particles of negativity get stuck to you. But they cant affect your body's balance as you are the light. The VIOLET FIRE is always working within you. It never rests, even when you're alone because then it has to continually transmute your wandering thoughts. So, getting back, you are passing thru the lanes of goodies in the supermarket, as the VIOLE FIRE is busily transmutating all the negativity stuck to you like a leech. All, in the space that you are in, are so fortunate and lucky to have your Presence amongst them! They are receiving a free Purification and Healing! And don't even know it. But mind you, friction occurs too wherever you are. As negative energies come to the surface in your presence. They may have been dormant and sleeping (peacefully) inside them but, as you arrive your Fire ignites the negativity within them. So you may experience a lot of mayhem around you most of the time - but, now you know why. Walk thru it with a smile :-) You are alleviating a lot of suffering around you constantly and not just leaving those removed energies of density around but purifying them and thereby injecting, emitting so much God Consciousness all around!

Now you can imagine how thick your BOOK of LIFE would be? Without you consciously applying any effort. This is why it is said: "Raise your light, only, and let the light then do its work!" And: "Be the Lighthouse, the PowerHouse of Light, as the Light House only beams its light everywhere, doesn't physically go to every ship warning it of the dangers of rocks approaching! It shines it light bright so all ships can see the terrain ahead clearly!"


That's your job on earth! If you are the VIOLET FIRE Magnet, you shall invariably infallibly inevitably attract the Abundances of Light as well. You are amply rewarded whilst on earth! Besides receiving your Trophy and Badge in heaven as well! A Doubly Whammy....and guess what?....its all Free!

Read the only Holy Encyclopaedia of the VIOLET FIRE on earth, scribed by many Masters and the Light! This Sacred Violet Book of Sanctus Germanus was particularly written for the Akashic Library in the Spirit World but I attained permission to release it quietly on earth too, but only from my website (the Home for God and Hierarchy) and in eBook format!

Lastly, to attain this Level of Instantaneous Magnetism of the VIOLET FIRE you need to self-invest greatly in removing your baggage first! Chant and Pray so much that you BECOME the FIRE first. This is Ascension thru Self-Mastery....and mind you, there is no other route to attain this Mastery than thru self-effort, self-application, self-time and with Passion to fulfil once's Contract Plan and build that BOOK OF LIFE!


Sangeeta Handa

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